Together, we keep things safe. Will you help us out?

To make sure we can serve you safely, we ask you to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • From the moment you enter a restaurant, anyone over the age of 6 is obliged to wear a face mask. By doing so, you protect yourself, other customers and our crew. Thanks in advance!
  • Disinfect your hands. We'll make sure there's always plenty of hand gel available.
  • Please pay electronically or by contactless (possible up to €50)
  • Make sure you always have your Covid Safe Ticket and your ID card with you.
  • Our restaurants are open until 23h00.
  • A maximum of 6 people can sit at the same table unless your family consists of more than 6 people.

We'll be doing our utmost to protect everyone in the restaurant. For example, we disinfect our ordering kiosks before use.

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Our restaurants are open until 23h00!

All our services are open until 23h00. You can enjoy your favourite McDonalds food in our restaurants, on our terraces, via McDrive® or McDelivery™ until then. Please note, some of our restaurants’ opening hours my differ, so check on our website or in your McDonald’s® app. See you soon!

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Your McDonald’s® at the McDrive™

All our McDrives are open and offer contactless payment options. Don’t have a car, but still want to enjoy your favourite burger? Then you can come by bike or moped, or on foot, as long as you can maintain the required distance in the queue. Please bear in mind that, as a pedestrian, you can only queue in the parking lot, not on public roads. That's how we keep things safe together!

Your McDonald’s® takeaway

Of course, you're welcome to order in the restaurant and take your food away. All we ask is that you come alone, wear a face mask, maintain sufficient distance, and disinfect your hands when you come in and before you use the ordering kiosk. We'll make sure there's always enough hand gel around. Please pay by contactless or mobile. That way, we keep things safe together! Registering is not mandatory in this case, but it is recommended.

Your McDonald’s® at home

Would you prefer to chill out on your sofa? Then order McDelivery™ through, Uber Eats, or Deliveroo! We'll make sure of a contactless home delivery.

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